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'~The Sky is The Limit~'


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♥ Arashi ♥
♥ Ryanimay ♥
♥ Who always makes me smile{^w^}

★ Fan of Arashi, Paul Walker, Justin Timberlake, Tom Hiddleston, Quest Crew, YouTubers, & ton more of artists.
★ I like playing videogames, manga&anime, writing, painting, drawing, listening to music, dancing, eating, sleeping Zzz...
★ No longer drama addicted[-__-], but yet I like just Arashi members' ones. Now I'm more of a Youtube addicted \(^_^)/
★ Just obsessed with anything related to the rainbow Storm & related to Purple colour.
★ Feel free to add me! Comments are appreciated!

♥ Sharing Arashi's love everywhere!
♥ Sharing Quest Crew madness everywhere!

★ IT'S FREE! ★

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「If a person can make their own ups and downs.
I received the top of the heaven.
There's no such thing as "for a while..."
Almost everything can be done now and it's already changing.」

-- Sakurai Sho 'Hip-Pop Boogie' 2008

「Music was my first language.」
-- Daniel Ryan 'Ryanimay' Conferido (Quest Crew member)